Los Angeles Drone Aerial Cinematography
Company | Closed Set Film Approved | Servicing the Movie/Cinema, Commercial, Legal, and Construction fields.

Our Core Services

  • Film & Commercial Aerial Cinematography

    We provide Aerial Cinematography for Film, Motion Pictures, commercials, shorts, and music videos as well as Live HD broadcasts, 4k resolution recording, a fully stabilized 360 gimbal, and experienced pilots.
    Please visit our Cinematography Page for details on our equipment capabilities.

  • Real Estate Video

    Top of it’s class aerial cinematography paired with our ground steady cam, tripod, and slider work creating epic video pieces of any home.

  • Live Event HD Aerial Feed

    Our UAV system can supply a live HD feed to your production, so that the director sees live what we are shooting, and can make sure his vision is captured.

  • Drone Training

    Are you new to UAV technology, and are just scared to take off with your new, expensive toy? Or are you looking to learn the cinematic techniques we use when we shoot a major motion picture? We have helped every level of UAV owner from Phantoms to Inspire 1’s learn to use their own aircraft safely and with confidence.

    Contact us and we can tailor a training program for you to learn how your UAV works, the telemetry screen, etc.

    Our training takes place in the Los Angeles area.

  • 3D Imaging

    Aerial West has produced 3D models of large areas using PIX4D for site surveys, construction planning, accident reconstruction, promotional videos, and cinematic visual effects.

  • Extreme Shots

    Our drones act as a crane, as a helicopter, as a dolly, or as a tracked solution… but no tracks! It’s really just imagination that limits the capabilities!

  • Still Photography

    Our passion started with a still camera, and it remains so. We do sell our art locally on canvas and aluminum prints, and donate quarterly a set number of canvas to various charity raffles. If you are a local charity, contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Select Clients

justice stillMotion Picture
Tasks: Aerial Cinematography
Client: Chasing Butterflies  Project: “JUSTICE”
Location: Bonanza Ranch, New Mexico
1071px-Jack_in_the_Box_2009_logo.svgInternational Commercial
Tasks: Aerial Cinematography
Client: Interrogate Inc.  Project: “Jack in the Box”
Location: Castaic Lake, California


kompany logoInternational Commercial
Tasks: Aerial Cinematography
Client: The Kompany Entertainment   Project: “Resound X3”
Location: Malibu, California


check pointMotion Picture
Tasks: Director, Aerial Cinematography, B-Cam Unit, Fight Scenes Steady Cam, Pyrotechnics Coordination, Fight Choreography
Client: ORIGIN Pictures   Project: “Check Point”
Location: Wilmington NC, Long Beach, CA


Motion Picture
Tasks: Director, Aerial Cinematography
Client: Artru Pictures   Project: “MANCHILD: The Schea Cotton Story”
Location: San Pedro , CA




DJITasks: Director, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op
Client: DJI    Project: “Take-Down”
Location: Lucerne Valley/Los Angeles, CA


diageo 2Tasks: Director, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op

Client: DIAGEO   Project: Zacapa Rum
Location: Brooklyn, New York City


Director, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op
Client: DIAGEO   Project: CIROC Vodka
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Music Videos:
moxxi 2Tasks: Director, Producer, Editor, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op
Client: MOXXI    Project: “Start it Up”
Locations: Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach


moxxi 2
Director, Producer, Editor, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op
Client: MOXXI    Project: “Gravity”
Location: Hollywood, CA



Promotional Packages:

fiesta_hermosa2Tasks: Director, Motion Picture Aerials. Steady Cam Op
Client: Hermosa Chamber of Commerce   Project: “Fiesta Hermosa”
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

keller williamsTasks: Director, Aerial and Interior Stills
Client: Keller Williams Realty   Project: Private Home Sale
Location: Redondo Beach, CA