Aerial West doing Aerial Cinematography for Sci-Fi action trailer “TakeDown”

Aerial West will be in the middle of the desert with our FJ launch vehicle for the filming of “Takedown”, a action packed trailer that will have us tracking 8 dirt bike riders from the sky as they attempt to take down a star ship by jamming it on lift off.

DJI USA asked for this short to demonstrate their new “Ronin-M” steady cam, and feature the 4k shots from our Inspire 1 drones. Not only will they be our eye in the sky, but will actually be featured players as “Hunter” drones. That’s right, we’ll be shooting our drones, and special effects will be added in later, including lasers and missiles fired from the drones! This time the drones shoot back.

Aerial West to provide Live HD feed and Aerial shots for the Hollywood “Jurassic World” movie premiere!

Aerial West is excited to be provide UAV Aerial live HD feeds with our (2) Inspire 1 drones. With two of our drones in the air, we will have constant live feed over the premiere of one of the biggest movies this year. We will send 720HD directly to a DIT cart for their broadcast, […]

Aerial West handling Aerial Cinematography and 3D Mapping for new “CheckPoint” Movie

Aerial West is excited to be handling Aerial Cinematography and 3D Mapping Visual Effects for the independent motion picture “CheckPoint” being produced by Origin in North Carolina in June. It currently has attached Steven Dorff, UFC Champion Randy Couture, Tobin Bell, and Rod Man, season 8 winner of “Last Comic Standing”. As part of our […]

Aerial West supports Leadership Hermosa!

20141207-IMG_6619We are happy to have donated one of our gallery wrapped canvases to the Leadership Hermosa project, which sets up local events for the benefit of our city. Some great friends are involved, and we are happy to help with their current “Fit Fest” initiative by donating a gallery wrapped canvas. We let them pick, and they chose the canvas on the left!